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Decripción Shawn Fros y de Aiden Frost.

His name is Shawn Frost. He had a brother, his name was Aiden Frost. His brother and parents died in a car accident.
He plays football very, very, very well but when he is going to kick the Aiden becomes. He is nice. He has the scarf of AIden. Aiden is rude. The attack of Shawn is a wolf howl. The Aiden attack was eternal blizzard. Shaw was in the hight school Alpino but now he is the hight school Raimon.

Dot Sub "Never say never"

Jude Sharp

His name is Jude Sharp. He plays football very, very well. His team was the Royal Academy but now, he plays in Raimon.
He has got glasses. His glasses allows him to  play better. He was like an evil but now he  is nice. His attack is neglect of ball and deadly triangle.
His sister is Celia. His Hight School is the Royal Academy. He lives in the town of Inazuma Eleven.

lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

London- The Hotel

The hotel was big. The hotel had a big garden. It had a jacuzzi and sauna. It was next to a restaurant.The hotel had swimming pool.The hall had a big lift and mechanical stairs.The hall had revolving door. We could see the tower of London, the Big Ben and Chelsea’s camp. It had a basketball’s track too. It was next to a cinema 3 D. The dining room was cozy. It was near of a park.
Our room was nice and comfortable and It had a big TV. It had three bathrooms. Our room had a water bed and mini bar.
It was a magic hotel. The floor could speak and the pictures could walk.
We could speak with pictures because they had life. It had a real game, we could play football videogame with fire balls. The rooms walked at nights. The walls changed colors. The bed could jump.
It was a fantastic hotel!!!


jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011

El pueblo Hebreo.


            Este es un crucigrama que he hecho con mi compañero Edu.
                                   ¡Pincha en la imagen para jugar!

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San Valentine's day. San Valentine by davidlagaresmesta10

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Go animate Santa Claus exists by davidlagaresmesta10

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His name is Tamama. He's short. He is very, very nice, but when he gets angry he is bully. He becomes in black Tamama. He plays football very well. He does a "lint whiplash" in foootball. He loves Keroro. He is a Recruit in the troop. He has got tail because he is small. He loves cookies. His attack is impact Tamama. He has got big eyes. He hates a Mois. He is nervous. He is from in Keron but he lives in Tokio. He is blue.

lunes, 17 de enero de 2011

Alejandro Sanz

His name is Alejandro. He is a famous singer. He is short. He has got short hair. He is from Spain but he lives in Miami.
He has got brown eyes. He is nice. He is my English teacher's cousin. He plays guitar and he sings his songs. He's very strong. My favourite song is "La tortura".
He has got a group. He sings very well.