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My pet is a hamster.

His name is Feral

He is orange.

He can run very well.

He likes strawberries.

He does not like that they touch it.

I am charmed with my pet!!!

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My name is David. I´m eleven years old.

I like to ride the bike and to play  basketball.

My favourite party is Halloween.
My favourite fooD is pizza.
My school is CEIP San Sebastián.
My favourite program of TV is Ben 10.

I don´t like the monsters.
I´m funny.
I´m not silly.
I am  a happy boy.

I´m tall.
My eyes are brown.
My hair is brown.

Welcome to my blog!!!!!



martes, 16 de febrero de 2010


Este es un ahorcado de verbos en Inglés, pincha en la imagen para jugar.