lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

London- The Hotel

The hotel was big. The hotel had a big garden. It had a jacuzzi and sauna. It was next to a restaurant.The hotel had swimming pool.The hall had a big lift and mechanical stairs.The hall had revolving door. We could see the tower of London, the Big Ben and Chelsea’s camp. It had a basketball’s track too. It was next to a cinema 3 D. The dining room was cozy. It was near of a park.
Our room was nice and comfortable and It had a big TV. It had three bathrooms. Our room had a water bed and mini bar.
It was a magic hotel. The floor could speak and the pictures could walk.
We could speak with pictures because they had life. It had a real game, we could play football videogame with fire balls. The rooms walked at nights. The walls changed colors. The bed could jump.
It was a fantastic hotel!!!


jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011

El pueblo Hebreo.


            Este es un crucigrama que he hecho con mi compañero Edu.
                                   ¡Pincha en la imagen para jugar!