domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

Decripción Shawn Fros y de Aiden Frost.

His name is Shawn Frost. He had a brother, his name was Aiden Frost. His brother and parents died in a car accident.
He plays football very, very, very well but when he is going to kick the Aiden becomes. He is nice. He has the scarf of AIden. Aiden is rude. The attack of Shawn is a wolf howl. The Aiden attack was eternal blizzard. Shaw was in the hight school Alpino but now he is the hight school Raimon.

Dot Sub "Never say never"

Jude Sharp

His name is Jude Sharp. He plays football very, very well. His team was the Royal Academy but now, he plays in Raimon.
He has got glasses. His glasses allows him to  play better. He was like an evil but now he  is nice. His attack is neglect of ball and deadly triangle.
His sister is Celia. His Hight School is the Royal Academy. He lives in the town of Inazuma Eleven.